It Begins Before We Arrive.

We've been known to work some virtual magic here and there, but the best recipe for success is to properly prepare a property for photography. And that process begins with educating your clients on what is expected of them prior to their photography session. We want you and your clients to have the best experience possible, so we've compiled a list of items we have found make the biggest impact on the quality of their marketing efforts!

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  • Clear counter tops. No mail, papers, minimal décor.
  • Clean & clear the exterior of Fridge of papers and magnets
  • Remove Dishes from sink
  • Clean & clear stove top
  • Remove trash cans

Dining Room

  • Clear table, place settings are optional
  • Straighten chairs, space them evenly
  • Remove any booster seats or high chairs
  • Feature small proportionate center piece (optional) (Bouquet of flowers)


  • Make beds, pillows, shams (if available)
  • Put away personal items
  • Remove family portraits/artwork
  • Clean items from under bed that may show in photos


  • Shower door/curtain shut
  • Clean towels hanging
  • Remove bathmat
  • Remove hamper, dirty clothes
  • Remove soap, toothbrushes, medicines
  • Toilet seats down

General Tips

  • Thoroughly clean: vacuum carpets, mop hardwood floors
  • Clean countertops and bathroom vanities
  • Clean window glass and sills
  • Put away shoes & coats, closets won’t be photographed
  • Remove area rugs to expose floors